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Zanzibar evokes visions of white sandy beaches that run for kilometres, exotic spices and food to go with it.


Over 1000km of driving kiteboarding and sightseeing. Geraldton, Abroholis Is, Shark Bay, Exmouth and in between.

This place is a gem. It was one of our better kiteboarding trips.It is not a resort area, nor upmarket in any form. If you have an activity such as kiteboarding or snorkelling and a have a like minded friend(s) for company then you are in for a treat.

When things go wrong in kiteboarding it is important to know what to do. In our course we learnt how to self rescue.

The next phase to launch a 'real kite'. This kite was still smaller than what we would use in practice, but certainly powerful enough to be dangerous. We learn how to set up the kite, have someone hold the kite in the correct position and how to land it.

Having just had our lessons we were keen to get up on the board. A weekend in Inverloch was a good place for us to practice. We sort of got up on the board but didn't get very far - this sport is not easy !


Aitutaki, honeymoon island inspires romantic thoughts for love blind newlyweds and kiteboarders alike. Think: tropical island, lazy days languishing in clean clear waters.
My kind of place, a place to chill out on and do not much at all except of course kite, fish, drink from coconuts and not much at all.
Leleuvia is a more upmarket place, it's about 70% dearer than Caqalai, but in return it does offer more facilities. You have a bar, toys to play with eg. canoes, paddle board, dive shop and better bedding.

There is a lagoon in front of a long beach formed by a reef around the island and it is only 45 minutes by boat from Nadi allowing for a timely return to the airport.


The town of Nin has a probably the only real sandy beach in Croatia (that I could find anyway). The rest are pebbly – terrorists to kites and tender feet. It is also interesting for its mediaeval artefacts.

North America

The water is chilly, so dress appropriately. I was warm enough in the wetsuit/booties/gloves attire... Thumbs up for kiteboarding in Squamish...Canada is an adventurer's paradise.