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Starting with Mungo national park I wend my way up through Bourke, Carnarvon gorge, Cape tribulation, Hinchinbrook Island. I bhave a policy - bring all my toys, and I used them all: fishing, snorkeling, kiteboarding, mountain bike riding. kayaking, packrafting and walking.
There is a group of eight, two per cubicle and the pilot. How this thing is going to lift us?


The ice, the animals, the polar exploration history, an unforgettable journey.
A fun yacht race across Port Phillip bay.


Zanzibar evokes visions of white sandy beaches that run for kilometres, exotic spices and food to go with it.

East Europe

A rough planner that we used for our trip to Eastern Europe.

Prague is a small busy city, capital of the Czech Republic. In a nutshell: it's music & culture, good food and fancy old buildings, oh and of course Pilsner beer.

We spend our remaining three days in the countryside and lament there wasn't room for more. I'm a country boy at heart and love being out and about in the open.

Our interest in Montenegro was the city of Kotor is UNESCO heritage listed, it has long history  and a lot of interesting sites to explore.

Krka is a watery paradise .

A town that has belted around its ears since the dawn of time. There are all sorts of ruins from various eras of human civilisation to keep historians amused for a long time.

When you enter the park it is captivating, rather like walking into a Disney film set where everything is magical

Latin America

Rafting, the jungle, caiman, turtles, snakes and spiders.

Our trip spanned just over 4 weeks, it was completely self managed. From sightseeing in Trujillo and Cuszco to trekking in Huaraz, my daughter and I covered a lot.


Extended walking trips to Nepal, including cultural visits in Kathmandu.

New Zealand

Hauraki rail trail, hot water beach and great coastal scenes.


Armed with my worldly savings of  1300 dollars, I had  a  five weeks visit. My first visit to Asia opened my mind, there is another world out there completely different to what I know.